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MATCHA | Organic + Ceremonial Grade

MATCHA | Organic + Ceremonial Grade

Anima Mundi's Latest Addition! 


We're thrilled to introduce this NEW Matchacarefully crafted on a 4th generation family farm!


This ceremonial grade Matcha is produced in small batches on a regenerative and sustainable farm.


Each leaf is handpicked with utmost care and then meticulously stone-ground to order, ensuring a vibrant and velvety texture.


What sets this Matcha apart is its pure and pristine nature, a testament to our dedication to organic farming practices and traditional processes. 


Anima Mundi's Variety: 

  • ceremonial grade 
  • certified organic
  • produced in small batches
  • cultivated on a solar powered farm
  • rich in creamy, nutty, well-balanced umami flavor
  • Benefits

    Cerimonial Grade Matche has been associated with:

    • High Antioxidants Concentration
    • Mood Boosting
    • Liver Cleansing
    • Mental Stamina 
    • Skin Health/Integrity 

    Proudly sourced from an organic and sustainably grown Matcha from a multigenerational family farm and then handpicked and stone-grinding each batch in order to ensure vibrancy is what sets Anima Mundi's matcha apart fom the rest.

    It contains high concentrations of phenolic acids, quercetin, rutin, theanine and chlorophyll, exceeding those in other regular green tea varieties.

  • Ingredients

    100% Organic Cerimonial Grade Matcha

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