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Healing Jungle Bitters | Digestive Cleanser

Healing Jungle Bitters | Digestive Cleanser


Vegan, Organic, Gluten Free | Stimulates + Detoxifies


- A potent combination of rainforest bitter leaves, barks and roots. The power of bitter is in its ability to remove stagnation, increase absorption, and demolish old and congealed phlegm. 


-This formula stimulates bile production, enhances a smoother digestion, revitalizes liver function by eliminating accumulated toxins, and boosting essential absorption.


-Ideal for those who feel constantly constipated, get bloated easily, have unbalanced cravings, a misaligned metabolism. A great tool to increase digestion. This formula is a great addition to a cleanse, and daily supplementation.

  • Benefits

    • May relieve gas, bloating and occasional heartburn
    • Can stimulate digestive enzymes for optimized digestion
    • Supports healthy liver and gallbladder function
    • Bitters are traditionally used for daily gentle detox
    • Can help with appetite regulation and cravings
  • How To Use

    - Take around 20-30 drops directly on your tounge or in warm water, tea or favorite drink.

    - Enjoy as needed around 30- 60 minutes prior to your meal.

  • Ingredients

    Quassia^, Dandelion Root*, Burdock Root*, Lemon Peel*, Milk Thistle Seed, Oregon Grape Root^, Fresh Ginger Root*, Mugwort Herb*, Boldo Leaf. Extracted in Cane Spirits* and Vegetable Glycerin*.

    *Organic / ^Wildcrafted

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