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Brass Spoon| Handmade 100% Brass

Brass Spoon| Handmade 100% Brass

These spoons are 100% brass, coated in a golden brass finish.

We custom made our brass spoons with a wonderful artisan family in India, so we can have the perfect serving size when composing potions.

This is the same family that also handcrafts the beautiful tea strainers that we have.

We've been huge lovers of brass everything, as you can see in our pictures, as it adds a tone of elegance and magic to the medicine spread.

Dimensions: 17cm x 3cm / 1.1in x 5.11 in

Amount: One Spoon

Handmade in India

  • Care Instructions

    To keep the spoon clean, simply rinse and dry after each use.

    Do not let them stay immersed in water. The brass does not oxidize if properly taken care of.

    Any tarnish can be removed by applying an acid agent, such as lemon juice.

    Additionally, only wipe spoons with a soft cloth or sponge: do not use abrasives when cleaning, as this can chip the golden brass coating.

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